T1141 Information Return in Respect of Contributions to Non-Resident Trusts, Arrangements or Entities

What's new - Changes to Form T1141

Form T1141 has been revised and must be used for the 2007 and later taxation years. The revised form incorporates the legislative amendments to section 94 that were enacted on June 26, 2013.

The revised form is now in a summary/supplement format. A summary sheet is required for each reporting person that has made a contribution to a non-resident trust, arrangement or entity in the year. A separate supplement must be completed for each non-resident trust, arrangement or entity.

The PDF fillable/savable version of the Form T1141 allows for up to twenty (20) supplements to be created.

For best results, download and open this form in Adobe Reader. See General information for details.

You can view this form in:

PDF t1141-15e.pdf (55 KB)
PDF fillable/saveable t1141-fill-15e.pdf (482 KB)

Last update: 2016-04-01

This document is only available in electronic format.

Previous-year versions are also available.

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