T4E Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits

Important notice

We encourage you to prepare and file your information return using the Web Forms application. You can also use the PDF fillable and saveable information slips to print the recipient's copies. In previous years, the PDF fillable form printed more than one page, but this year it prints only one. Completing PDF fillable slips is now different from using electronic slips. For instructions on how to use the new PDF fillable form, go to T4E or T4E(Q) additional instructions. Certain browsers may prevent you from filling in the form properly, so you may have to select an alternate PDF viewer.

You can view this form in:

PDF t4e-16e.pdf (85 KB)
PDF fillable/saveable t4e-fill-16e.pdf (296 KB)

Last update: 2016-11-07

This document is only available in electronic format.

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