T4127-JAN Payroll Deductions Formulas for Computer Programs - 100th Edition - Effective January 1, 2015

Notice to the reader

December 8, 2014

The Quebec Parental Insurance Premium (QPIP) maximum insurable earnings amount was mistakenly published as $69,500 and the maximum annual premium as $388.51. The correct maximum insurable earnings amount is $70,000 and the maximum annual premium is $391.30.

In addition to the guide below, available in HTML or PDF format, please find below an example in CSV format where an employee is claiming the basic personal amount for both federal and provincial/territorial claim codes. The employee's salary is $57,200 annually, or $1,100 on a weekly payroll (52 pay periods). Registered pension plan contributions are $50, along with $20 for union dues per pay period.

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