Children's Special Allowances (CSA)

Amounts are changing

The 2016 federal budget announced an increase, starting July 2016, to the children's special allowances to match the level proposed for the new Canada child benefit.

As a result, the amount of a special allowance will change for a child under the age of 6 to $6,400 annually (or $533.33 monthly). For a child aged 6 through 17, the amount will change to $5,400 annually (or $450.00 monthly).

A child disability benefit of $2,730 annually (or $227.50 monthly) will be included if a child is eligible for the disability amount.

The Children's Special Allowances (CSA) program provides payments to federal and provincial agencies and institutions (such as children's aid societies) that care for children.

The monthly CSA payment is equal to the maximum Canada child tax benefit payment plus the national child benefit supplement plus the child disability benefit plus the universal child care benefit, if applicable.

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