Family income level where the recipient will no longer receive the GST/HST credit

If your family net income amount is equal to or exceeds the amount indicated in the table below, you will not be entitled to a GST/HST credit payment.

The universal child care benefit (UCCB) and/or registered disability savings plan (RDSP) will not be included as part of your adjusted family net income in the calculation of your GST/HST credit.

Income levels are for the 2015 tax year. If you are entitled, GST/HST credit payments for this tax year begin in July 2016.

Family structure Adjusted family net income
Single person $44,346
Single parent with one child $49,866
Single parent with two children $52,766
Single parent with three children $55,666
Single parent with four children $58,566
Married/common-law couple with no children $46,966
Married/common-law couple with one child $49,866
Married/common-law couple with two children $52,766
Married/common-law couple with three children $55,666
Married/common-law couple with four children $58,566

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