Universal child care benefit (UCCB)

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The Government is proposing to increase and expand the UCCB starting in 2015. If Parliament approves the changes, they will be reflected on your July 2015 payment and will include a retroactive amount of the month of January to June 2015. For more information about the proposed changes, see Universal Child Care Benefit.

The UCCB is designed to help Canadian families, as they try to balance work and family life, by supporting their child care choices through direct financial support. The UCCB is for children under the age of 6 years and is paid in instalments of $100 per month per child.

NOTE: You do not need to apply for the UCCB if you currently receive CCTB payments for your children or you are eligible for the CCTB but do not receive it because your family income is too high. For more information on your eligibility, go to Application and eligibility or call 1-800-387-1193. 

Frequently asked questions about the universal child care benefit

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