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Information about regulating the political activities of charities

The process for identifying which charities will be audited for any reason is handled by the Charities Directorate and is not subject to political direction. For more information on the Charities Directorate's recent activities, including how the Directorate selects charity files for political activities compliance actions, please see the Charities Program Update - 2014.

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Applying for registration
How to apply, the review process, how to decide if registration is right for you, and more

Registered charity vs. non-profit organization
Definitions and examples

Operating a registered charity
Information for directors and trustees about the obligations of operating a registered charity

Gifting and receipting
Information about receiving gifts and issuing receipts

Monitoring and auditing registered charities
How the CRA promotes compliance, audit information, non-compliance issues

Policies and guidance
Policies and guidance about the requirements of the Income Tax Act and common law

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First-time donor's super credit

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Charities Listings
A searchable list of Canadian charities with information about their finances and activities

About registered charities
Learn about the regulation of charities and more

Making a donation
Learn who can issue official receipts, which gifts qualify, how to help disaster victims, and how to avoid fraud

Claiming charitable tax credits
Learn how to calculate and claim your charitable tax credit and more

More topics for donors

Other organizations that can issue donation receipts (qualified donees)


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