How to get information about a charity

There are different ways to get information about a charity. You can:

To get information about registered Canadian amateur athletic associations and other qualified donees, go to Other qualified donees listings.

Contact the charity

If you have questions about a charity, contact them directly. They are in the best position to give you information.

Search for a charity in the Charities Listings

Use the Charities Listings to find out if a charity is registered, revoked, annulled, suspended, or penalized. You can also find a charity’s contact information, general activities, and financial information.

Use the Charities Listings request form to request information for multiple charities such as:

  • geographical information
  • public information from the T3010 return (provided in comma separated values)

Make an informal information request

Informal information requests:

  • are free
  • are handled by the CRA’s Charities Directorate
  • are generally answered sooner than formal requests
  • usually offer the same information as formal requests

The CRA can give you:

  • a copy of a charity’s governing documents, including its statement of purpose
  • a copy of the public portions of a charity’s application for registration and notification of registration, including any conditions or warnings
  • the names of a charity's directors/trustees and when they held the positions
  • a copy of the public information from a charity’s annual information return and financial statements
  • a copy of letters the CRA has sent to a charity about the reasons for revocation or annulment
  • a copy of letters or notices the CRA has sent to a charity about a suspension or an assessment of tax or penalty (other than the amount of revocation tax)
  • a copy of the information filed to support requests for:
    • re-designation as a charitable organization, private foundation, or public foundation
    • designation as an associated charity
    • permission to accumulate property

The CRA cannot give you:

  • information about a charity’s donors
  • confirmation that an application for charitable registration has been received or denied
  • confidential information about a charity’s officials
  • confidential information from a charity’s annual information return
  • information relating to a charity’s dealings with the CRA, such as:
    • whether the charity is being audited
    • the status of an audit
    • the next steps of an audit
    • how and where the CRA gets its leads

To make an informal information request, see Request for registered charity information.

If you are a member of the media, contact a media relations representative.

Make a formal access to information request

Formal requests:

  • may have processing fees
  • are handled by the CRA’s Access to Information and Privacy Directorate with help from the Charities Directorate
  • generally take longer to process than informal requests
  • give you a right of complaint to the offices of the information and privacy commissioners
  • usually offer the same information as informal requests

To make a formal access to information request, go to How to access information at the CRA.

For more information, go to Access to information and privacy at the Canada Revenue Agency.

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