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The October 17, 2014, deadline to transition to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP) has now passed. If you have not transitioned with both Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and the CRA and your corporation has not been dissolved, you can still make the transition. Visit Transition to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) to complete your transition.

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  • Charities Listings
    Search the online list of Canadian charities. View a charity's information return to learn about their finances and activities.
  • How to get information about a charity
    Search the listings, contact the charity, or make an information request
  • Checklists for charities
    Easy-to-follow checklists to help with the responsibilities of operating a registered charity
  • Educational resources for charities and donors
    Information sessions, webinars, newsletters, educational programs offered by other organizations, a toolbox for directors, and resources for charities about political activities
  • Applying for registration
    How to apply, the review process, charitable purposes and activities, governing documents, questions and answers, and more
  • Operating a registered charity
    Information for directors/trustees about a charity's obligations under the Income Tax Act including filing the return, activities, receipts, spending requirement, books and records, making changes, and more
  • Compliance and audits
    How the CRA promotes compliance, audit information, non-compliance issues
  • Revoking registered status
    Types of revocation, consequences, revocation processes, revocation tax, requirements for re-registration, and more
  • Policies and guidance
    Summary policies, policy statements, policy commentaries, policies for consultation, case law, and statute law

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