Charitable donation tax credit calculator

Use this tool to calculate your charitable donation tax credit. In the first section, calculate your federal and provincial or territorial tax credit. If you qualify, you can calculate your first-time donor's super credit in the second section.


For an example, go to Charitable donation tax credit rates.

First-time donor's super credit calculator

The first-time donor's super credit is an extra federal tax credit for money donated by first-time donors. This credit applies to monetary donations up to $1,000 made after March 20, 2013.


For information on claiming your charitable donation tax credit, go to Line 349 – Donations and gifts.


This calculator does not take into account all tax situations. These calculations are based on the information you provide, so it is important that you enter accurate information.

If you are a Quebec resident and are entitled to a refundable federal tax abatement, your savings will be less than the calculated charitable donation tax credit.

If you have to pay a provincial surtax, your savings will be more than the calculated charitable donation tax credit. This is because the credit will reduce the amount on which your provincial surtax is calculated.

This calculator is not for corporations.

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