Charities Listings

The Charities Listings can be used to:

  • confirm if a Canadian charity is registered and therefore eligible to issue official donation receipts; and
  • view a charity's contact information and Information Return.

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To search for other organizations that can issue official donation receipts, go to Other qualified donees listings.


The CRA strives to ensure that only organizations meeting the requirements are registered. While most organizations operate within the rules, the CRA cannot fully monitor every one, and changing circumstances in an organization’s operations may affect its continued eligibility for registration. Registration should not be viewed as proof of an organization’s credibility. The CRA encourages donors to learn more about donating wisely.


Complementing the Charities Listings is Charity Focus, a tool that was developed by Imagine Canada in partnership with the CRA. It provides an in-depth year-to-year comparison of a charity’s financial information. Charities can also upload documents such as mission statements, program information, annual reports, and financial statements.

Quick View

Use the Charity Quick View to display a summary of the Registered Charity Information Return filed by charities for a fiscal period ending on or after December 1, 2010. The Full View feature remains available for all charities. For more information, go to Information for Charity Quick View users.

Quick View Quick View - A display that provides a summary of a registered or revoked charity's activities, revenues, and expenditures

Full View Full View - A detailed display of a registered or revoked charity's activities, revenues, and expenditures

How else can I obtain Charities Listings information?

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The Charities Listings Search function does not support searches using automated scripts. Instead, request an electronic version of the results.

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