Information Technology Apprenticeship Program (ITAP)

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The Information Technology Apprenticeship Program (ITAP) is an exciting recruitment program, targeting recently graduated post-secondary students from a diploma or degree program in computer science, information technology, and/or information management or another specialty relevant to the position to be staffed. Documentation confirming graduation during a specified period is required. For the fall campaign, there are two streams. For the first stream, the graduation period is January 1, 2014 to November 17, 2015. For the second stream the graduation period is January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2013, and candidates must possess 1 year of IT experience.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has over 2000 IT professionals providing a wide range of mainframe and distributed processing technologies. Our computer systems process over 20 000 000 individual tax returns, 1 000 000 corporation returns, plus numerous employers, charities tax returns, GST and more. IT specialists in search of a professional challenge will surely find one within the CRA.

This current ITAP staffing process is ongoing until November 17, 2015. A subsequent staffing process will be posted in early 2016.

This process is used to staff CS-01 positions under the ITAP. Selected candidates benefit from a 12-month apprenticeship program under the direction of experienced staff. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates are appointed, with no further competition, to a CS-02 position.

During the year CRA recruiters will be attending career fairs at selected post-secondary institutions across Canada.

The job notice was posted on the CRA Internet Website in July 2015. Applicants must use the on-line application to apply. Read the notice of job opportunity carefully (see advertisement number 14133) and apply early.

The CRA thanks all applicants for taking the time to submit an application.

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