Aboriginal Tax Officer Apprenticeship Program (ATOAP)

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The Aboriginal Tax Officer Apprenticeship Program (ATOAP) is an employment equity initiative that addresses the recruitment, development and retention of qualified Aboriginal college and university graduates.

The 24-month program offers work assignments in areas such as audit, client services or debt management compliance. On-the-job coaching and specialized training courses will be provided during each assignment.

Apprentices are full-time employees with competitive salaries and benefits. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) also offers various non-salary benefits such as, flexible work hours, personal leave and family-related leave.

During the program, apprentices may:

  • perform audits on a variety of small owner-operated businesses;
  • interpret and apply the Excise Tax Act and Income Tax Act;
  • respond to verbal or written enquiries from a variety of taxpayers including individuals, self-employed professionals or corporations;
  • deal with tax practitioners and other professional representatives; and
  • administer or collect outstanding accounts receivable for all revenue types under the various acts and regulations administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the CRA job opportunities website regularly to check for the job posting for this program. Applicants must use the online application to apply. All applicants must graduate from a recognized college or university with a diploma or degree by the date specified in the notice of job opportunity. During the ATOAP, apprentices in their final assignments in areas with minimum educational standards are expected to meet the standards prior to commencing their assignment. 

The following individuals are eligible for the program:

  • Aboriginal college or university students in their final year of a degree or diploma program.
  • Aboriginal employees of CRA or other federal government organizations who already have the educational requirements.
  • Other Aboriginals with a degree or diploma from a recognized postsecondary institution.

An Aboriginal person is a North American Indian or a member of a First Nation, a Métis or an Inuk. North American Indians or members of a First Nation include status, treaty or registered Indians, as well as non-status and non-registered Indians.

Apprentices begin the program in a SP-04 position, receive an annual increment after the first year and are promoted to a SP-05 position upon successful completion of the program.

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