EFILE for Electronic Filers

Important notice

Changes for EFILE Online Plus
Starting February 10, 2014, batch processing and acknowledgement retrieval will no longer be available through EFILE Online Plus.

EFILE is an automated service that permits those who prepare and file taxes on behalf of others to electronically file the current and first prior year income tax and benefit return to the CRA directly from the software used to prepare the tax return.

To become a registered electronic filer you must first register or, if you already have an efiler number, you must renew.

EFILE web service allows you to transmit your client's returns directly from your tax preparation software. You get an acknowledgement of the individual return instantly. Your software has the capability to simulate the batch filing process by transmitting multiple returns at once, and providing an instant acknowledgement of each return that you have transmitted.

You can access selected information about a client's account data from the System for the Electronic Notification of Debt (SEND) before preparing your client's return using your EFILE-certified software.

If your business provides tax-discounting services, see our Web page with information for discounters.

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