Businesses - Tax information newsletter, Issue: 2013-02

December 23, 2013

1. The Canada Revenue Agency reminds Canadians: Beware of phishing schemes

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) warns all Canadians to beware of telephone calls, mail, or email that claim to be from the CRA but are not. These are phishing scams that could result in identity thefts. Email scams may also contain embedded malware, or malicious software, that can harm your computer and put your personal information at risk. The CRA does not email Canadians to request personal information.

2. Voluntary Disclosures Program

The Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and promotes compliance with Canada's tax laws. Through the VDP, the CRA encourages you to come forward and correct your tax affairs.

3. Does your business have employees aged 60 to 70?

Changes to the way you deduct Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions for your employees aged 60 to 70 came into effect in January 2012. Employees working in Quebec and other workers not subject to the CPP are not affected by these changes.

4. What's new for tax professionals and preparers?

There are changes for tax professionals and preparers this tax-filing season.

5. Video: Manage online mail for businesses

My Business Account: Manage online mail.

6. Video series - Preparing T4 and T4A Information Returns--Slips and Summaries

This tax information video gives new employers and payers an overview of the filing requirements for T4 and T4A information returns - slips and summaries.


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