Individuals - Tax information newsletter, Issue: 2014-02

February 20, 2014

1. Life events: Having a baby

If you have a new baby or have a baby on the way, there are plenty of credits and benefits you may be entitled to receive.

2. It's tax time and we have valuable information for you

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is here to help you during tax season. Here's some information you should know about your taxes, including ways to save money at tax time.

3. Life events: Death

There are many tax implications after a death has occurred.

4. Tips for preparing to file your taxes online

Filing your taxes online is increasing in popularity as Canadians discover how fast, easy, and secure filing online really is. Last year, over 75% of Canadians filed their income tax and benefit return electronically. Are you ready to join them?

5. Tax savings: the children's fitness tax credit (TV ad)

Kids love the game. You'll like the tax credit: up to $75 dollars per child for eligible children's fitness activities. File online and sign up for direct deposit to get your refund even faster!

6. Filing Online - Fast, Easy, and Secure

Learn how to file online step by step.


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