Individuals - Tax information newsletter, Issue: 2014-04

March 17, 2014

1. Did you buy a home in 2013?

If you bought a home in 2013, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a tax credit and a plan that may help you save on this purchase.

2. Are you 65 or older? Claim your benefits and credits!

There are several benefits and credits designed for seniors.

3. Are you new to Canada?

If you are a newcomer to Canada for all or part of a tax year, you may need to file an income tax and benefit return if you have to pay tax, want to claim a refund, or receive benefits.

4. Does someone else deal with your tax matters? Authorize a representative

If you want someone such as your spouse or common-law partner, a family member, a friend, or an accountant to deal with the CRA on your behalf for your income taxes, you or your legal representative must authorize this person to be your representative.

5. Filing Online - Fast, Easy, and Secure

Learn how to file online step by step.


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