E-services for individuals

Use the links below to get information on the electronic services we offer to individuals, including the self employed / sole proprietors.

Filing a return

    A service that allows most Canadians to file their income tax and benefit return for the current year using the Internet
  • Auto-fill my return
    You can automatically fill in parts of your current year income tax and benefit return.
    What is EFILE, who can use it, finding a service provider, completing Form T183, benefits of EFILE, FAQs
  • Tax deduction estimator (form TD1)
    The estimator will determine the tax credits you may qualify for at tax time. This will help your employer or payer to determine the right amount of tax to be deducted from your income.

Getting information

  • My Account
    View your personal income tax and benefit information, and manage your tax affairs online: change your return, change your address or telephone number, register to receive online mail, authorize your representative or formally dispute your assessment or determination.
  • MyCRA
    Use this mobile app to view your return status, notice of assessment, benefit and credit information, and RRSP and TFSA contribution room—all on your mobile device. MyCRA also links you to several webpages where you can quickly find help with income tax and benefit matters.
  • Online mail
    Learn how to register, view your electronic notice of assessment and reassessment, and more.
  • Represent a Client
    Register online as a representative and be authorized by an individual or business, including your employer. Once authorized, you will have secure and controlled online access to the personal tax and benefit information and/or business account information that you need, 7 days a week.
  • Tax Information Phone Service (TIPS)
    Get personal and general tax information from our automated phone service by calling 1-800-267-6999
  • Forms and publications
    Download or order forms and publications online or by phone, get fillable forms, order forms and publications in multiple formats, and more
  • Child and family benefits calculator
    Use our calculator to determine the amount of Canada child tax benefit or GST/HST credit, including related provincial and territorial benefits, you may be entitled to receive
  • Charity Listings
    View our online lists, including those for newly registered and recently revoked charities as well as recent annulments
  • Non-Resident Tax Calculator
    This online tool calculates the current Part XIII (non-resident) tax payable on certain amounts paid or credited to non-residents of Canada
  • Electronic mailing lists
    Receive an email notice when new information is added to our website

Refunds and payments

  • Make a payment
    View your options for making a payment to the CRA
  • Direct deposit
    Apply to have your refund or benefit payment deposited directly into your account at your financial institution
  • Pre-authorized debit
    Set it up and forget it: a pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement lets you arrange a pre-set payment on a pre-set date.
  • TeleArrangement
    You may be able to make a payment arrangement using a touch-tone telephone by calling 1-866-256-1147 .
  • Non-Resident TeleReply
    Report a nil remittance of non-resident withholding tax by telephone.
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