Represent a Client - What's new

Business client privilege changes

The ability to add a business authorization has been separated from the “View and delete business clients” privilege. As a result, there is a new privilege called “Add business authorizations”. The business client privileges now include:

  • Add business authorizations (new)
  • View and delete business clients (changed)

When this new privilege is assigned to representatives, they can add business authorizations for their employer's clients who are authorizing the business number (BN) or GroupID as their representative and will not have access to the complete list of clients who have authorized the business. Business owners and Senior Administrators (BN registered with RAC) and GroupID Administrators are automatically granted all permissions and privileges. Only these role types have the ability to assign privileges to their representatives. The privilege to “Add business authorizations” will need to be granted to each RepID that the organization requires.

List of notices issued

A new service called ‘List of notices issued’ provides authorized representatives with a summary list of notices of assessment (NOA) and notices of reassessment (NOR) that have been issued to their clients as a result of a tax return being filed or amended.

The link to List of notices issued will appear on the left-hand menu bar, directly underneath the link to the Homepage.

To see the list of notices issued, the representative must have an active online authorization in place for a client via the ‘Authorize my Representative’ service in My Account or a T1013.

Starting February 13, 2017, a summary list will be available and will include notices that were issued within the last year. Notices that were assessed before February 13, 2017, or before the authorization effective date, will not appear in the list.

The four possible notice types that will be displayed are:

  • NOA issued – No change – will be displayed when an initial assessment results in no tax difference from what was originally submitted.
  • NOA issued – Changed – will be displayed when an initial assessment results in a tax difference from what was originally submitted with the tax return.
  • NOR issued – Client or representative request – will be displayed when a change has been submitted to an assessment.
  • Other NOR issued – will be displayed when a change to an assessment has been initiated by the CRA.
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