Forms and publications listed by document type

A comprehensive list of all CRA documents by document type. For a description of each type of document, see Description of document types.

  1. Excise Duty Circulars
  2. Excise Duty Memoranda
  3. Excise Duty Notices - Excise Act, 2001
  4. Excise Duty Notices - Excise Act
  5. Excise Tax and Special Levies Memoranda
  6. Excise Tax and Special Levies Notices
  7. Excise Tax and Special Levies Policy Statements
  8. Excise and GST/HST News
  9. GST Memoranda
  10. GST/HST Info Sheets
  11. GST/HST Memoranda Series
  12. GST/HST Notices
  13. GST/HST Policy Statements
  14. GST/HST Technical Information Bulletins
  15. Income Tax Folios
  16. Income Tax Information Circulars (ICs)
  17. Income Tax Interpretation Bulletins (ITs)
  18. Income Tax Technical News
  19. Notices to exporters of softwood lumber
  20. Tax forms (Income Tax, Excise, GST/HST)
  21. Tax guides and pamphlets
  22. Tax info sheets
  23. Tax schedules
  24. Tax technical Publications
  25. Taxation Delegation of Ministerial Powers, Duties, and Functions
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