Board of Management

One of the key features of the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) innovative structure is a Board of Management, accountable to Parliament through the Minister of National Revenue.

About the Board of Management

Current opportunities

Federal Nomination - There are no vacancies at this time. However, when there is a vacancy for a federally-nominated member of the Board of Management, the notice of vacancy is published on the CRA website.

Provincial and/or Territorial Nomination - There are currently two vacancies for members of the Board of Management nominated by the Provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. Individuals interested in becoming a member of the Board of Management are invited to contact the office of the minister responsible for revenue administration (or equivalent) of their provincial and/or territorial Government.

More detailed information is available at opportunity to serve (See the Board Competency Profiles and Information for nominees). For more information on Governor in Council appointments, please visit the following website

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