How to access information at the CRA

Informal requests

The CRA encourages individuals, businesses, charities, and other groups to consider making informal requests for information such as copies of T1s, T5s, RRSP receipts, information on registered charities, and records of income and deductions for previous tax years.

Go to the CRA Contact us page to find out how to access these and other types of information by using My Account or My Business Account or by calling the CRA directly.

The informal request process is usually easy, fast, and effective.

Formal requests

If the information requested is not available informally, submit a formal request.

You can ask for access to information and ask about your private information online or by mail. Sending the same request by different methods (online, mail, fax) will not speed up your application.

Submitting a fraudulent request is a serious offence.

On-line request

Using the ATIP online request service is a fast, easy, and convenient way to ask for access to information and to ask about your private information. Apply online today.

  • For privacy requests, attach proof of identification

Mailing-in request

Mail to the following address:

Director, ATIP Directorate
Canada Revenue Agency
555 MacKenzie Avenue, 5th Floor
Ottawa ON  K1A 0L5

Make sure you include all of the following information with your request:

Basic requirements

  • your name
  • your signature
  • your social insurance number (only for requests that concern your taxes)
  • if you are representing someone else or an organization, their name
  • the return address where you'd like us to send the reply
  • date range, if applicable (for example, "I would like copies of my tax records for the reporting years 2002 to 2004")
  • a description of the records you want, such as copies of income tax returns, assessments, reassessments, records that pertain to audits, collections, appeals, etc. Note: The wording of the request should provide enough detail so that an experienced employee of the CRA can identify the records.
  • consent – if you are representing another individual, provide a letter, signed by the individual and dated within the last 30 days, authorizing us to discuss with you and disclose their personal information to you as their representative
  • $5 application fee (for Access to Information requests only):
    • payable to the “Receiver General for Canada”
    • by cheque or money order when you submit your request by mail
    • by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card, when you submit your request online

Additional information needed for business-related requests

  • a corporate profile report and authorization, if applicable (dated within the last 30 days)
  • business name, if applicable
  • business number, if applicable
  • the name of the specific account(s) for which you are seeking information, for example: corporate [RC], GST [RT], payroll [RP], etc.

Tips for submitting a request

  • Ask if there are other methods of requesting the information you want without having to submit a formal request.
  • You don't have to give a reason for asking for the information, although an explanation might help our staff find the material you want.
  • Make sure that your contact information is shown clearly on your request so that we can contact you if we need clarification, and so that we know where to send our response.
  • Keep a copy of your request and all related correspondence for reference.
  • To make a formal request, either fill out a request form or write a letter. If you write a letter, mention the appropriate Act: the Access to Information Act  or the Privacy Act.
  • If the records that you want are likely to include the personal information of other individuals, we recommend that you provide their consent, signed and dated within the last 30 days, to authorize the CRA to release their personal information to you.
  • The rights of access under the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act are restricted to records under the control of a government institution. In other words, there is n requirement for the CRA to create records to meet your request.
  • As a requestor, your identity is protected under the Privacy Act.
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