Teaching Taxes

Teaching Taxes introduces high school and post-secondary students to the basics of taxation. You can use it in economics, accounting, business, mathematics, consumer education, social studies, and second language courses.

Why teach taxes?

Students learn:

  • why they pay taxes and how these taxes are used
  • their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers
  • about the relationship between working and paying taxes
  • how to prepare a simple income tax return

The learning material

The learning material is flexible, easy to teach, and promotes and develops critical thinking. It consists of a teacher's manual and student workbook with 180 minutes of instruction and exercises, on the following:

  • History of taxes in the world
  • Canada's tax system and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  • Understanding taxes
  • Employment and taxes
  • The income tax and benefit return

Sample content – Teaching Taxes

How to get the learning material

To get the learning material, complete the registration form at Teaching Taxes – download learning material.

If you are an educator, you can get printed student workbooks delivered to your school by going to Teaching Taxes – order printed learning material. Allow three to four weeks for delivery. Orders placed in December will be filled in mid-January.

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