A corporation is owned by shareholders. No shareholder of a corporation is personally liable for the debts, obligations or acts of the corporation. However, directors may be held personally liable for the debts of the corporation.

A corporation can incorporate at either the federal, provincial, or territorial level.

A corporation is identified by the terms "Limited," "Ltd," "Incorporated," "Inc," "Corporation," or "Corp." Whatever the term, it must appear with the corporation name on all documents, stationery, and so on, as it appears on the incorporation document.

Characteristics of a corporation:

  • it is its own legal entity;
  • businesses of all sizes can be corporations;
  • shareholders cannot claim any loss the corporation sustains;
  • shares can be bought and sold without affecting the existence of the corporation;
  • it must file a T2 Corporate Income Tax Return.

To incorporate your business with your province or territory, contact your provincial or territorial incorporating authority. To incorporate your business with the federal government, contact Industry Canada.

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