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1. Overview

You can use Business Registration Online (BRO), a one stop, free self-serve online application to register a business number and four major Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) program accounts. BRO can link you to the business online registries of some provincial programs for British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

You can use BRO if you are one of the following:

  • a business owner
  • a third party requester
  • a representative with a RepID or a GroupID
  • an individual that employs a nanny, a caregiver, a babysitter, or a domestic worker

For more information, see Business structure, Authorizing a business representative and Employing a caregiver, babysitter, or domestic worker.

Which CRA program accounts can I register for using BRO?

You can use BRO to register the following four CRA program accounts:

  • corporation income tax
  • payroll
  • import-export

For more information, see What is a business number and Do you need a program account?

What if I need other program accounts not listed in BRO?

If you have other CRA program accounts you need to register that are not found in BRO, see Other program accounts.

Provincial partners

After registering your business number and any of the four major CRA program accounts, BRO lets you transfer to one of the following provinces that have an online business registry service:

  • British Columbia - OneStop Business Registry
  • Nova Scotia - One Business – One Number
  • Ontario - ONe-Source For Business

If you click the Transfer button, you will leave BRO to connect to one of the three provinces listed above. These provinces may charge a fee to register for a provincial program. If you pay by credit card, the province does not give your credit card information to the CRA.

For more information, see British Columbia – OneStop Business Registry, Ontario – ONe-Source for Business, or Nova Scotia – One Business - One Number.

Under subsection 241(4)(l) of the Income Tax Act, with your consent we may share the following business information with our provincial partners:

  • business number
  • business name
  • business address
  • business phone and fax numbers

What are other ways to register if I cannot use BRO?

For more information on other methods for registering in the province where your business operates, see Provincial programs.

For more information on other methods for registering other than BRO, see How to register.

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