Import-export program account

If you import goods into Canada or export goods to other countries, you should register.

We will use your import-export program account number to process customs documents.

To avoid delays in releasing your goods at the border, open your program account before you import or export goods.

When completing Form RC1, Request for a Business Number, include all your business names that may appear on customs release forms and documents, such as invoices. If the name on the customs release document is different from the name we have on file, your goods may be held up at the border.

When two or more corporations merge and create a new corporation, a new BN may be issued to the new corporation. All import-export program accounts you had for the merged corporations will be closed immediately. Certain privileges such as the Frequent Import Release System (FIRST) and the Pre-Arrival Release System (PARS) linked to your previous number may need to be reviewed. For more information, go to Canada Border Services Agency.

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