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Segment 12: Avoiding penalties and other consequences

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There are several ways, including electronically, you can pay your GST/HST instalments or remittances depending on the amount and type of payment you are making. My Payment is a self-service option that allows individuals and businesses to make payments online, using the Canada Revenue Agency's Web site, from an account at a participating Canadian financial institution. For a list of participating Canadian financial institutions, see Make a payment for business.

If your GST/HST payment is $50,000 or more, you must pay it electronically or at your financial institution.

Send us your 15-character account number with your payment.

Save time, pay online!
The Canada Revenue Agency prefers to receive electronic payments. You can use your financial institution's Internet or telephone banking services, or use the CRA's My Payment service.

Effective date of payments
Each financial institution has established its own cut-off time and date. You need to make your payment before this deadline to ensure the Canada Revenue Agency receives your payment on time.

If you submit your payment after your financial institution's deadline, the payment will be considered late and penalties may apply.

Photocopies of payment forms
If you do not have a payment form, you cannot use a photocopy to make your payment at a financial institution. Our payment forms are encoded with magnetic ink characters to facilitate processing through the banking system and a copy will not contain the magnetic ink characters. See Missing or lost return or remittance form for details on how to get a replacement return or remittance form.

Paying in foreign funds
You can make your payments in foreign funds. However, the exchange rate you receive for converting the payment to Canadian dollars is determined by the financial institution handling your transaction.

Wire transfers
This payment method is only available to non-residents who do not hold a Canadian bank account. For more details, see Wire transfers.

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