Failure to remit and late remittances

We can assess a penalty on the amount you failed to remit when:

  • you deduct the amounts, but do not remit them; or
  • we receive the amounts you deducted after the due date.

If the remittance due date is a Saturday, Sunday, or Canadian public holiday, your remittance is due on the next business day.

The penalty for remitting late is:

  • 3% if the amount is one to three days late;
  • 5% if it is four or five days late;
  • 7% if it is six or seven days late; and
  • 10% if it is more than seven days late or if no amount is remitted.


We consider a non-sufficient funds (NSF) payment to be a failure to remit and will automatically apply a penalty, as well as an administrative charge.

If you are subject to this penalty more than once in a calendar year, we may assess a 20% penalty to the second or later failures if they were made knowingly or under circumstances of gross negligence.

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