Box 14 - Employment income

Enter in box 14 the total employment income before deductions. Include the following:

  • salary and wages (including pay in lieu of termination notice);
  • bonuses;
  • vacation pay;
  • tips and gratuities;
  • honorariums;
  • director's fees;
  • management fees;
  • executor's and administrator's fees received to administer an estate (as long as the administrator or executor does not act in this capacity in the regular course of business);
  • director's fees paid to non-resident directors for services rendered in Canada (a non-resident director is not considered to be employed in Canada when he or she does not attend any meetings or perform any other functions in Canada);
  • commissions, taxable allowances, the value of taxable benefits (including any GST/HST or other applicable taxes), and any other payments you paid to employees during the year. These amounts may also have to be reported in the "Other information" area at the bottom of the T4 slip;
  • payments made from a wage-loss replacement plan (WLRP) if you had to deduct CPP contributions or EI premiums. For more information, see Wage-loss replacement plans;
  • amounts paid under a supplementary unemployment benefit plan (SUBP) such as employer-paid maternity, parental, and compassionate care top-up amounts, whether they are registered with Service Canada or not;
  • payments out of an employee benefit plan (EBP) and amounts that a trustee allocated under an employee trust. If the trustee allocates the income, but you do not pay it immediately, include it in the income of the employee. Do not report it when you make the payment. For more information, see Interpretation Bulletin IT-502, Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Trusts, and its special release; and
  • amounts that are greater than $1,000, which are paid to emergency volunteers (such as firefighters, ambulance technicians, or search and rescue volunteers) by a government, a municipality, or a public authority. If you paid the individual other than as a volunteer for the same or similar duties, the whole amount is taxable and should be included in box 14. Report the exempt amount (up to $1,000) in the "Other information" area of the T4 slip, using code 87.


A retiring allowance can be reported on the same T4 slip as employment income, but do not include it in box 14. See the explanations under Code 66 and Code 67. For more information about the difference between retiring allowances and employment income received as a result of a loss of employment, see archived Interpretation Bulletin IT-337, Retiring Allowances.

If you are paying amounts to placement or employment agency workers, taxi drivers or drivers of other passenger-carrying vehicles, barbers or hairdressers, or fishers (self-employed), go to Box 29.

Certain Canadian Forces personnel and police officers can claim a deduction from taxable income for the amount of employment income earnings (including taxable allowance). See the explanation under Code 43.

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