Getting Form T2125

Form T2125, Statement of Business or Professional Activities, may be used to report either business or professional income and expenses (including self-employed commission sales).

If you have both business and professional income, you must fill in a separate Form T2125 for each. You also have to fill in a separate Form T2125 for each business or professional activity you operate, when you have two or more of either.

We encourage you to use this form to calculate your income and expenses for income tax purposes. However, we will continue to accept this information on other types of financial statements.

Ways you can get Form T2125

On the Internet

You can print the online version of Form T2125, or you can download it onto your computer's hard drive. This form is also available in alternate formats for individuals with visual impairments.

You can also use our online order form to request a printed copy of Form T2125. The online order form can also be used to request printed copies of many other forms and publications.

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