Responsible Citizenship and Canada's Tax System

Responsible Citizenship and Canada's Tax System explores the relationship between taxes and our quality of life in Canada. You can use it in economics, accounting, business, mathematics, consumer education, civics, social studies, second language course.

Why teach responsible citizenship?

Students develop an appreciation and a sense of responsibility towards Canadian citizenship as they learn:

  • where their tax dollars go
  • about the underground economy and its impact on our society
  • their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers

The learning material

The learning material is designed to provide teaching strategies you can adapt to fit your instructional plans. You can choose and customize from 180 minutes of instruction and student exercises.

Sample content – Responsible Citizenship and Canada's Tax System

How to get the learning material

To get the learning material, complete the registration form at Responsible Citizenship and Canada's Tax System – download material.

For more information

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