Teaching Taxes

What is Teaching Taxes?

Teaching Taxes is a free educator-led learning product which introduces high school and post-secondary students to Canada's tax system and teaches them how to prepare a simple income tax and benefit return. It can be used in economics, accounting, business, mathematics, consumer education, social studies, and second language courses.

Why should you use Teaching Taxes?

The learning material is flexible and easy to teach. It uses pedagogical approaches that promote and develop critical thinking. Students will:

  • understand why they pay taxes and how these taxes are used.
  • learn about their rights and responsibilities as a taxpayer.
  • gain the real-life skill of completing an income tax and benefit return.
  • use the knowledge gained to improve their financial literacy and make good financial choices throughout their lives.

What does the learning material cover?

The teacher's manual and student workbook contain 180 minutes of instruction and exercises, covering the following topics:

  • History of taxes in the world
  • Canada's tax system and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  • Types of taxes
  • Tax obligations of a new employee
  • Completing a simple income tax and benefit return

For a sample of the learning material, go to Teaching Taxes sample content. For more information, see Contacting the Educators program.

How can you order the learning material?

You can download an electronic copy of the teacher's manual and student workbook. You can also order printed copies of the student workbook.

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