Reduction of Old Age Security Recovery Tax at Source

You may have to repay all or a part of your OAS pension (line 113) or net federal supplements (line 146) when you file your income tax return. If that is the case, a recovery tax will be deducted by Service Canada on your OAS benefits paid beginning July 2016.

If your net income exceeded the threshold (see line 235) in 2015, and your net income for 2016 will be substantially lower, you may request a waiver from CRA so that Service Canada will reduce the tax withheld at source. The request must be made in writing.


If you owe money to the CRA, we may not accept your request to reduce old age security recovery tax at source.

Complete form T1213(OAS) Request To Reduce Old Age Security Recovery Tax at Source.

Where to send your T1213(OAS)?

Send your Form T1213(OAS) to the appropriate taxpayer services regional correspondence centre.

If you reside in:
•Newfoundland and Labrador
•New Brunswick
•Nova Scotia
•Prince Edward Island

Send your request to:

Nova Scotia TSO
 Ralston Building
 1557 Hollis Street
 Post Office Box 638
 Halifax, NS  B3J 2T5
 Fax: 902-426-4888

If you reside in:

Send your request to:

Montréal TSO
 305 René-Lévesque Boulevard West
 Montréal, QC  H2Z 1A6
 Fax: 514-496-5345

If you reside in:

Send your request to:

London TSO
 451 Talbot Street
 London, ON  N6A 5E5
 Fax: 519-645-4029

If you reside in:
•Northwest Territories

Send your request to:

Saskatoon TSO
 340 3rd Avenue North
 Saskatoon, SK  S7K 0A8
 Fax: 306-652-3211

If you reside in:
•British Columbia

Send your request to:

Fraser Valley and Northern TSO
 9737 King George Boulevard
 Post Office Box 9070, Station Main
 Surrey, BC  V3T 5W6
 Fax: 604-587-2010

To get our forms and publications, go to forms or call one of the following numbers:

  • from Canada and the United States, 1-800-959-8281;
  • from outside Canada and the United States, 613-940-8495. We accept collect calls.

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