If you have moved

If you move, let us know your new address as soon as possible.

Keeping us informed will ensure that you keep getting any GST/HST credit (including those from certain related provincial payments), universal child care benefit and Canada child tax benefit payments (including those from certain related provincial or territorial programs), and working income tax benefit (WITB) advance payments to which you may be entitled. Otherwise, your payments may stop.

If you use direct deposit, you also have to advise us if you change your account at your financial institution.

Changing your address

If you move, you can change your address in the following ways:

  • By Internet - If you have registered with the My Account service, you can change your address by using this service.
  • By mail - You can change your address by completing Form RC325, Address change request, or by sending a letter or fax to your tax centre. Be sure to include in your letter your:
    • signature;
    • social insurance number;
    • new address; and
    • date of your move.

If you are writing for other people, including your spouse or common-law partner, include their social insurance numbers, and have each of them sign the letter authorizing the change to their records.

  • By phone - Call our Individual Income Tax Enquiries line at 1-800-959-8281. We will ask you to identify yourself and give information about the contents of your tax return. We will ask for your name and address, social insurance number, date of birth, and other information from your tax return or notice of assessment.


Because your personal information is confidential, we will not usually give your new address to other government departments or Crown corporations, such as Canada Post. Similarly, they do not provide such information to us.

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