British Columbia

Form BC428, British Columbia Tax, is used to calculate your British Columbia tax.

Form BC479, British Columbia Credits, is used to calculate your refundable credits.

British Columbia Tax (BC428)

Tax rates for 2016

  • 5.06% on the first $38,210 of taxable income, +
  • 7.7% on the portion of taxable income more than $38,210, but not more than $76,421, +
  • 10.5% on the portion of taxable income more than $76,421, but not more than $87,741, +
  • 12.29% on the portion of taxable income more than $87,741, but not more than $106,543, +
  • 14.7% of the amount of taxable income over $106,543.

Non-refundable tax credits, other credits, and reduction

British Columbia offers the following credits and reduction which further reduces your amount of provincial tax payable:

British Columbia Credits (BC479)

British Columbia also offers the following credits:

For more information

If you have questions about British Columbia tax and credits, go to Individuals or call 1-800-959-8281.

To get forms, go to Forms and publications.

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