Line 116 - Elected split-pension amount

If you (the pension transferee) and your spouse or common-law partner (the pensioner) have jointly elected to split his or her pension income by completing Form T1032, Joint Election to Split Pension Income, you (pension transferee) must enter on this line the elected split-pension amount from line G of Form T1032.

File Form T1032 by your filing due date for the year. This form must be completed, signed and attached to both your and your spouse's or common-law partner's paper returns. The information provided on the forms must be the same. If you are filing electronically, keep your election form in case we ask to see it at a later date.


Only one joint election can be made for a tax year. If both you and your spouse or common-law partner have eligible pension income, you will have to decide which one of you will act as the pensioner and elect to allocate part of their eligible pension income to his or her spouse or common-law partner (the pension transferee).

Under certain circumstances, we may allow you to make a late or amended election, or revoke an original election. For more information, see How do you split your pension income.

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