Sending a tax return

There are several ways to file or send your tax return.

By Internet

EFILE for individuals
Your EFILE service provider, including a discounters, can complete and file your return for you.

You can file your return by Internet if you prepare your return with tax preparation software or web applications.
For more information or to file your return, go to NETFILE.


Before filing online, your information, including your address, must be up to date. If you have registered with the My Account service, you can change your information online before filing your return by going to My Account. For more information see How to change your address.

Previous-year tax software, starting with the 2013 tax year, can be used to prepare and file a previous-year tax return.

Auto-fill my return

Auto-fill my return is a new secure CRA service that allows you or your authorized service provider to electronically request and receive tax information that the CRA has available at the time you are filing your return, to help fill in certain parts of your return. CRA will have most tax information slips and other tax-related information, such as T4, RRSP information and carry forward amounts. To use this service you must be registered with My Account, and be using a certified software product that offers this service. For more information go to Auto-fill my return.

By mail

You can mail your return to your tax centre. If you prepare your own return or other people’s returns, mail or deliver each person’s return in a separate envelope. However, if you file returns for more than one year for the same person, put them all in one envelope.


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