Lend a hand! Become a participating community organization

What does a participating community organization do?

If you participate in the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), you will primarily be responsible for:

  • hosting tax preparation clinics
  • managing your resources and volunteers
  • keeping taxpayer information secure and confidential


Effective 2016, it will be mandatory for volunteers who file tax returns electronically, to get individual EFILE certification. Volunteers who prepare paper returns or perform other duties such as pre-screening taxpayers, may have to get a police records check.

How can you help?

As a participating community organization:

  • you support members of your community
  • you help taxpayers meet their tax obligations and maintain uninterrupted access to their benefits and entitlements
  • you provide volunteers with the opportunity to increase their personal tax knowledge

How can you become a participating community organization?

To become a participating community organization, you must complete the online registration:

How does the Canada Revenue Agency help?

The Canada Revenue Agency offers coordinators who will:

  • guide you throughout the program
  • arrange training for volunteers
  • provide tax software
  • provide promotional materials


Provincial and territorial government partners

Need more information?

You can send us your question by completing the online form Contact a Canada Revenue Agency coordinator – Community organizations.

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