Info sheet for CVITP volunteers

Welcome to the volunteer team!

Volunteer handbook

Read Guide TIS5, Volunteer Handbook (PDF) to learn about:

  • how the CVITP operates
  • taxpayers eligible for the CVITP
  • how to install the tax software
  • how to set up your tax program to use EFILE
  • securing taxpayer information
  • preparing an income tax and benefit return
  • how to file a return using EFILE

Taxpayer identification

You must get proof of identity from the taxpayer before you complete their return. Proof of identity should:

  • be valid
  • be government issued
  • include a photo

Examples of identification include:

  • provincial or territorial (or equivalent abroad) driver's license or photo identification
  • Canadian or foreign passport
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • military or other government employee identification card

Complete Form TIS60, Taxpayer Authorization

  • Before you prepare a return you must get the taxpayer to complete and sign Section I.
  • If the taxpayer wants you to file their return electronically, both you and the taxpayer must complete Section II.
  • Give the completed Form TIS60 to the taxpayer for their records.
  • Do not tell the taxpayer to send Form TIS60 to the CRA.
  • Do not keep a copy of Form TIS60 or send it to your CRA coordinator.

Record the number of returns you prepare

  • Record the number of returns you prepare as a CVITP volunteer. You can use Form T1176, Statistical Summary.
  • Advise your community organization of the number of returns you prepared before May 15.

CVITP dedicated line

From February to April, the Canada Revenue Agency offers a dedicated line for community organizations and volunteers participating in the CVITP. Agents will answer questions about individual income tax, EFILE and EFILE error code messages, and the tax preparation software.

Support for software and EFILE

CVITP guides and forms



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