Wire transfers

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) accepts wire transfers from non-residents who do not hold a Canadian bank account.


Wire transfers for submitting your non-resident security deposit are not available at this time.

Wire transfers remain a quick and secure payment method. You need the following information to transfer funds to the CRA's account:

Name of banking institution:
The Bank of Nova Scotia
Toronto Business Services Centre
40 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5H 1H1

Bank number: 002
Transit number: 47696
Beneficiary name: Canada Revenue Agency
Beneficiary account number: 476961134515
Description field: Authorization number: 122-22715
Charge detail: OUR

To avoid processing delays, include the following information with your wire transfer:

  • your name and telephone number;
  • your CRA GST/HST or tax account number;
  • your business name;
  • the reporting period or tax year of your payment.

To ensure proper application of your payment, provide a copy of your GST/HST return/remittance or tax remittance by fax to the CRA:

Attention: Revenue Processing Section
Fax: 819-536-0398


All wire transfers must be in Canadian dollars.

The Bank of Nova Scotia does not deduct any fees before forwarding the payment to the Canada Revenue Agency. Your financial institution may have standard charges that apply to wire transfer payments. Make sure that your financial institution does not deduct the wire transfer fee from the total payment amount due as this will result in an underpayment.

If you pay today, the CRA may not receive your payment today. We receive your payment on the date the bank sends the funds to us—not the date you make your payment. The CRA may charge you penalties or interest or both if your payment is late. Contact your financial institution to find out if you will experience processing delays. You are responsible for making sure the CRA receives your payment by the payment due date.

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