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The CRA's updated Underground Economy Strategy - Reducing Participation in the Underground Economy

The underground economy (UE) is business activity that is unreported or underreported for tax purposes. It can be particularly widespread in industry sectors where cash transactions are common, such as retail, hospitality, and construction, including home renovations…..just to name a few.

The UE hurts everyone. It has negative impacts on businesses, consumers, and the Canadian tax base as a whole. It undermines the competitiveness of businesses that follow the law.

In every community, there are honest business owners who are contributing to their neighbourhoods: creating employment, making investments in local economies, and supporting community activities such as sports teams.

Participating in the UE hurts them and, in turn, hurts the community. It robs the tax base of needed funds for schools, hospitals, and more. Don't do it!

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When hiring a contractor, a pen is your most important tool.

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Did you know?

Suppression of sales involving electronic suppression of sales (ESS) software is a serious problem. ESS is being used by some businesses in their point-of-sale systems to hide their sales.

Budget 2013 proposed new administrative monetary penalties and criminal offences under the Excise Tax Act (such as in respect of GST/HST) and the Income Tax Act to address ESS.

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