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Series: Charities and their participation in political activities

This series of three videos provides important information for charities participating in political activities.

First-time donor's super credit

A non-refundable tax credit of up to $250 for first-time donations made after March 20, 2013.

4:16 min. | Added: February 10, 2014 | Alternative formats and transcript

How do I choose the right charity?

A video about researching charities, featuring Quick View, a new graphic display of a charity's information when you search for your charity on the CRA Web site.

3:26 min. | Added: April 5, 2013 | Alternative formats and transcript

Charities and CRA: Make the connection

Helping donors, volunteers, employees, educators, charity board members, and Canadians to better understand the rules for registered charities in Canada.

3:25 min. | Added: April 13, 2012 | Alternative formats and transcript

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Series: Giving to registered charities 101

This series of three videos explains the relationship between Canada's registered charities, the CRA, and you.

Recorded webinars

Activities outside Canada

Learn how registered charities should carry out charitable activities outside of Canada while meeting the requirements of the Income Tax Act.

Arts activities and charitable registration

Learn about Guidance CG-018, Arts activities and charitable registration.

Community economic development activities and charitable registration

Learn about Guidance CG-014, Community economic development activities and charitable registration.

Completing Form T3010 (13), Registered charity information return

Charities with fiscal periods ending on or after January 1, 2013 should use Form T3010 (13).

Completing the Registered charity information return T3010-1

Charities with fiscal periods ending from March 4, 2010, to December 31, 2012, inclusive, should use Form T3010-1.

Financial statements and books and records

Learn how registered charities should prepare financial statements and maintain adequate books and records.

Questions and answers

Gifting and receipting

Learn about the types of donations and gifts for which registered charities can issue a receipt, and instructions on receipting.

Questions and answers

How to Donate Wisely - Information for Donors

Information to help donors understand how to donate wisely, claim their donation tax credits, and how to avoid fraud and gifting tax shelter schemes.

Non-compliance issues and how to avoid them

Learn how registered charities can comply with legislation, as well as about audits, penalties, and sanctions.

Orientation for new board members

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of board members within a registered charity.

Political activities

Information to help charities understand and comply with the requirements about political activities.

Updated fundraising guidance

Learn about updates to Guidance CG-013, Fundraising by Registered Charities.

What is a related business?

Learn about policy statement CPS-019, Related business

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